New Conservative Search Engine Takes on Mainstream Censorship

(PRESS RELEASE, 10/15/2018, Columbia, MO) A conservative search engine is picking up steam, and taking on the mainstream search markets. With frequent news about censorship on technology platforms against Trump and other conservative news, JT Smith decided to launch Search Conservative on May 31, 2018.

Many conservatives have already started using Search Conservative. It offers a free search engine and an associated browser extension to help switch user’s browsers over to the Search Conservative.

According to JT, “As mainstream search engines continue to offer ‘news’ products, and push news snippets to the top of their results, it becomes more and more important for people to assess whether they think those search engines are pushing an agenda or giving truthful information.”

In recent months, President Trump has attacked Google for perceived bias against conservative news based on studies conducted by search engine experts.

Search Conservative not only promises to fix the perceived news issues, but JT adds “Furthermore, you’re more likely for your ad dollars to go to conservative news sources and businesses, rather than news sources and businesses that give money to causes that completely go against conservative values. For instance, regulation lobbyists and planned parenthood. You also will stop encouraging the media-government complex.”

Some, including Republicans in government, have argued for sanctions against Google for percieved biases. However, Search Conservative issued a statement on Facebook saying “If we work together we can make sure people know that entrepreneurship is the answer, not regulation, when faced with problems with technology or media. Use a conservative search engine.”