Privacy Policy

The following Privacy Policy applies to the use of as well as the Search Conservative browser extension.

We take your privacy seriously, which is why we have chosen for the time being to not ask for email, passwords, names, physical address, or other similar PII.

Data We Do Collect

We use a number of 3rd party systems in order to optimize the experience for you. These systems also may collect the following data. We use these systems to track and test site features, and optimize everything on an aggregate level.

All data is reported at purely on an aggregate level, so we do not look at individual user's journey or searches. Users remain anonymous to the people analysing website behavior.

We and tracking systems may collect the following:
Access Location
Behavioral Data
Public-Facing Browser Settings
Public-Facing Device Settings


Cookies are small text files which may be applied to your browser that can be read by the website that planted the cookie.

We may use cookies to help with personalization of results, behavioral analysis, tracking aggregate user performance, and a/b testing.

How to Contact

You can contact Search Conservative here.