Hi, I'm JT

I made SearchConservative.com because I want to see search results that share my values.

The result? More truthful news results. More businesses that match my values. Less ad dollars to socialist causes.

How Search Conservative works

By default you search the entire web using Bing's APIs, but we filter out media sites that directly oppose conservative values, and emphasize conservative sites and businesses. You’ll still get results from all sorts of other sites that we haven’t touched.

By default, your search experience is set on Safe Search: Strict. This keeps the results somewhat family friendly, although there are no guarantees when searching for non-family friendly terms. You can change this setting as you please.

Additionally you can use the settings menu to search by date, or search for specific file-types like .pdf files.

Search options include Web, Images, Videos, and News. If you use the News tab, your news results will be far more likely to be from conservative sources, though not 100%.

We don't filter out sources that may lean slightly left, like Wikipedia, or .gov agencies, because we want your searches and research yield as much truthful information as possible. However, super liberal sources like Huffington Post are banned outright.

How to Support Us

We're just happy you're using our search engine. However, you can help out by sharing this website on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

How to Contact

You can always contact Search Conservative through Facebook messenger.