Privacy Policy

Who we are

Our website address is: We are a search engine that provides a service free of charge.

What data we collect and why we collect it

Personal Data

At this time, no identifiable information is collected. We do not collect email, social, name, or any personally identifiable information.


When visitors enter search queries, we can track those queries to improve performance, customize user experience, and present offerings to those users through advertising partners.


For analytics and advertising purposes, we use analytics software to capture behavioral data and device-identifying data. This is based on Google Analytics and Google Ads tracking tags, and we reserve the right to use a variety of other tracking tags as well. This helps us understand the effectiveness of our advertising and acquisition tactics as well as personalize your experience on our website.

Additional Usage of Data

We reserve the right to share anonymous data with third parties to customize their advertising or experience to the user. The anonymous portion of this means that anything we send them does not contain any personally identifiable information like name, email, phone number, street address, or social security number. Instead it may consist of a an anonymous tracking id that they can then use to customize your ad experience.

Browser Extension

We do not track your web data or any other data with the browser extension, apart from whether or not you installed that extension. However, the extension does direct you to our website from using your browser search functions, and the previously mentioned data usages come into effect there.